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Fabric Pies

Turn your leftover fabrics into tasty fabric pies that your customers will be  sure to gobble right up. Each of our pies are made from seven fat one-eight cuts of fabric, a scrap tie, and a small aluminum pot pie plate.

The recipe is easy. Take a crust- colored fabric (solid or print) and line the bottom of your pie plate. Take three color coordinated pie fabrics and loosely braid together. Take another three and loosely braid. Insert the two braids into the pie pan on top of the “crust”. Tie in place with a coordinating scrap tie.

To make your pies even more special attach a tag with your store name and the flavor of the pie. For instance:  cherry, lemon, blueberry, peach,  and Key Lime. I bet you can think of many, many more flavors. Don’t forget to let your customers know that these yummy pies are 100% calorie free!

The small pie pans are readily available on-line and you might also try your grocery for smaller quantities.

This is a fun way to get your customers talking and buying and for moving those little fabrics out of the store!

New Book Releases – September 2011

First Tip Content

The site will use blog posts as the primary content delivery mechanism. The blog postings will all feed into and from the “Shop Tips” link in the header.

The homepage will be a more static promotional page highlighting the key actions shop owners can take. I believe these are:

  • Register a Quilt Shop Acccount
  • See the newest released books from AQS
  • Contact AQS
  • Get regular shop tips and updates

The page will be able to be edited, but will not have a regular stream of updated content from the blog.